Due to the concerns over the Covid-19/Coronavirus and a potential resurgence in the fall, we have elected to cancel Exploring Our Paths for 2020.

Any payments made for registrations or merchant space have been returned.

This was not an easy decision, as there is some hope that things will have improved by November, but the nature of our hotel contract has too many penalties associated with it if we wait to see how the situation is.

We hope to come back in 2021 and do this exciting conference.

News 6/9/2019

Things are starting to roll, we’ve got two presenters already discuss presentations, and we’ve got our first merchant discussing a table. We’re also considering running into the evening with a special divination event TBD. Our staff is headed to Free Spirit Gathering this next week. Be sure to stop by The Modern Heathen on merchant’s row and say hi!

News 6/7/2019

Well, its official! We’ve got a hotel, and we’ve opened up registration, workshop submissions, and requests for merchant space. Now its a matter of publicity, and waiting for the registrations to come in!

News 6/6/2019

Looks like we’ve got our hotel, however the dates have changed. We’ll be at the Clarion Inn of Frederick, MD on November 14-15 2020.

News 6/4/2019

Progress continues. We’ve decided to look at a hotel in Frederick, MD in order to make the event more affordable. I also filed LLC incorporation papers for Maryland today as well.

News! 6/3/2019

We’re in the final stages of negotiating a hotel contract. Absent any significant problems, here’s conference information

  • Dates: November 7-8, 2020
  • Location: Germantown or Gaithersburg, MD
  • Costs: $60 for registration, $100 for a vendor table (includes two registrations)

We’re in the early stages of development of this conference, but we do have a few things in place:

  • A proposed set of date: November 7-8, 2020
  • A region : The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area
  • A size: For our first year, we’d like to have between 80-100 attendees
  • A structure: We plan on running two tracks of presentations, one for beginners, and one for more advanced topics. We’re also planning on a vendors room.
  • A presenter application: If you’re a presenter please see our presenter application information for additional information.
  • If you’re interested in attending, and want to know when registration opens, just let us know.

We’ll be updating this site frequently over the next few months as we get more details!

We are currently planning on running “two” tracks of presentations, a beginners track, and an advanced track. Most presentations should be an hour and fifteen minutes long, but if you need more time we can assign you “two” slots back to back.

We’re looking for everything from “Introduction to Tarot” (or Runes, or I Ching, or whatever) or creating your divination tool, to more advanced topics like “Open discussion on charging for service” or “Dealing with problem clients.”

We’re pretty open to most ideas that anyone wants to pitch, just submit it, and we’ll talk to you about it!

Have a question? Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you

Registration refunds are available up to 60 days before the event, minus a 5% credit card processing fee. Just fill out our refund form.

Exploring our paths will be held on November 14-15, 2020 at the Clarion Inn, Frederick Events Center in Frederick, MD. The rate for rooms will be $89 a night. Reservations won’t be available until November 2019.

Clarion Inn Frederick

This hotel hosts many conferences of a variety of types, has a pool, hot tub, sauna and many other amenities. Directions to the hotel are available via Google Maps.

In addition to a Merchant area, we will be providing any area for people to perform readings for fellow attendees. The open reading space is subject to the following rules.

  1. Please register at the registration desk when you take a table, give your name, email, and how long you plan to use a table.
  2. Space is on a first come first serve basis. IF you are not actively using a table, please do not leave your stuff there so someone else can use the table.
  3. Please limit yourself to one table for readings.
  4. Tables are to be used for divination only, no other types of sales are allowed.
  5. If you charge for readings; 1) You must have a Maryland sales and Use tax permit, and 2) We request that you donate 10% of your proceeds back to the event to cover costs. This donation is on an honor basis. Please see the registration desk after you finished your time at the table.
  6. Please do not occupy a table for more than one hour if others are waiting for table space.
  7. Any readings are subject to the laws of the state of Maryland.
  8. These rules subject to change without notice.

Early registration for the event (Prior to January 1, 2020) is $50 for both Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately one day passes our not available. Credit Card and Debit cards are accepted for payment online.

To register fill out our online registration form, an online invoice will be sent to you within 2 business days of completion of the form.

Registrations are not considered complete until payment is received.

For our first year, we are limiting registrations to 100 total.