In addition to a Merchant area, we will be providing any area for people to perform readings for fellow attendees. The open reading space is subject to the following rules.

  1. Please register at the registration desk when you take a table, give your name, email, and how long you plan to use a table.
  2. Space is on a first come first serve basis. IF you are not actively using a table, please do not leave your stuff there so someone else can use the table.
  3. Please limit yourself to one table for readings.
  4. Tables are to be used for divination only, no other types of sales are allowed.
  5. If you charge for readings; 1) You must have a Maryland sales and Use tax permit, and 2) We request that you donate 10% of your proceeds back to the event to cover costs. This donation is on an honor basis. Please see the registration desk after you finished your time at the table.
  6. Please do not occupy a table for more than one hour if others are waiting for table space.
  7. Any readings are subject to the laws of the state of Maryland.
  8. These rules subject to change without notice.